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Snow Munchies III

GPS Store
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Earn GPS(Guild Points) to get prizes

Here is a list of all the people that have guild points. If you do not have any GPS, then your name will not be here.
Email or neomail toshi_de_yoshi to claim your prize!

COST OF PRIZE (In Guild Points):
A milkshake of your choice
3 gp
500 Neopoints
10 gps
A Flower for your NeoGarden
16 gps
A cool Coffee Table for your neohome
19 gps
A Battledome weapon with price range between 1 and 2,000 neopoints of your choice
21 gps
A Negg
35 gps
A regular Nova
45 gps

A Super rare Lab Map Piece

98 gps

60,000 neopoints

100 gps

~Ways to Earn GPS~
You can earn Guild Points (gps) by doing lots of things. If there is a program that says below it that you can get gps for joining, then you can! But there are other was to earn them by just joining programs! You can earn them by:
  • Posting 100 Messages on the board
  • Joining a program
  • Winning a Guild Game/Contest
  • Getting a Guild Job
  • Donating to the Guild
  • Participating in the War
  • Joining ~Friendships~
  • Sending in Ideas
  • Sending in Book/Movie Reviews
  • Winning an Award
  • Helping somebody out
  • Registering to the Forums
  • And more!

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