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Snow Munchies III

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This is a list of all the programs the guild has. Email if you have any ideas!

~Donation Program/Raffle Tickets~
Points for Joining: 1 for every 1000 neopoints donated
Feel like you need some sort of way to donate to the guild? Well, go to toshi_de_yoshi's shop and you can donate! Since all items are priced 1000 neopoints or over, I will be able to see who bought the item. That way, you will be given a special raffle ticket, where you could win up to 50,000 nps! Way more than you donated! You get one ticket for every 1000 nps that you donate. Donate more to get a better chance of winning the raffle! Win or lose, you get either a free T-Shirt or Cap (Neopets items ONLY) Questions? Neomail toshi_de_moshi!
One Main Codestone and One Negg
~Referral Program~
Points for joining: 1 for every new member referred
This is very simple; if we get a new member who claims that you recomended the guild to them, then you win a prize! For every five people you refer, you win a negg! Cool, huh? The link to us is:
<a href="">
<img src="
Copy and paste the code into your website!
~Pet Supplies~
So you need some food for your pet, and omelettes/jelly just isn't working, considering that you need toys for your pet and grooming items, too. Not to mention neopoints for training your pet! Well then, join Pet Supplies by neomailing toshi_de_moshi or emailing, and we will send you a toy, grooming item, battle item, and 5 pieces of food every week for 2 months! Remember, you can also get free items by getting a free Newbie Pack -- do this by neomailing toshi_de_moshi.
~Guild Wars~
Points for joining the war: 5
Update: Sorry, the Guild Wars have been delayed.
Keep checking for updates!
~Help the Soldiers~
Points for helping the war: 3
Training pets costs a lot of can total up to hundreds of thousands! But you can help out! Donate food to the hungry soldiers who can't afford to buy food or toys for their strong pets. For every 10 food items you donate, you recieve one point. Whoever has the most points in the end wins! Points will be shown on the scoreboard at the Guild Frontpage :) Email to join, or neomail toshi_de_moshi.

~Loan Program~
Your saving up for the lab map only need one more, but you just can't earn that neopoints! If you ever are in a situation like this, well then, get a loan from the guild! The first loan you can get a maximum of 1K, then 2K, then 4K, then 8K, then 16K, and it will just keep doubling. The reason we do this is so that we know that we can trust you to pay us back. Note: We only do loans to trusted members! Email me for more info!
So you don't like borrowing neopoints from other people, or accepting a loan from the guild everyday, but you just can't earn neopoints. Then enroll in Guild.School! It's absolutely free, and you will be trained until you can go out into Neopia by yourself! Email for information!
~Codestone Exchange~
Aww, codestone exhcange has gone off the air :(
You can still, however, trade in your codestones for different, more expensive codestones/items by neomailing toshi_de_moshi. (They just aren't in trades any more)
Points for joining: 3
Everyone has unexpected disasters! Well, for only 700 neopoints a week, you can get insurance. This covers disasters such as the pant devil or other monsters, turmaculus eating your petpet, getting scammed, your pet getting sick, ect. If something bad happens, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send us a screen shot for proof. Send the image to Email that same email address to join!
Note: The guild cannot afford medicine and cannot fix damage that is equal to  over 110,000 nps at a time. Thank you!
Our Slogan: Like a good neighbor, The Guild is there!
~Birthday Club~
Every member deserves something special on there Birthday! Join Birthday Club (it's free) and get a package on your Birthday (Neopets items ONLY.) All you have to do is email or neomail toshi_de_moshi and you can get this free package, plus get your Birthday put up on the calendar so everybody knows it's your special day!

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