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Snow Munchies III


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Email to sign up for a job.

Want to know the salary of the jobs? Then check here! Simply find the number of the job that you want, then look up the number here, and then you will see how much neopoints you get weekly! Remember, you earn points for the guild, as well--every job that you sign up for, you get 3 GPs! (Guild Points)

1. 75 neopoints per week

2. 10 neopoints per week

3. 50 neopoints per week

4. 100 neopoints per week

5. 160 neopoints per week

6. 60 neopoints per week

7. 100 neopoints per week


~List of People that Have Jobs Currently~

David- Graphics Editor

Here are the current jobs. If you find a job you like, go the the left and find the same number as the job. It will tell you the amount of neopoints you get weekly. For more info on jobs, or to apply for a job, email or neomail toshi_de_moshi.

1. bAnKeR~In charge of things such as the guild till, raffles, prizes, ect.

2. bOaRd MoNiTeR~In charge of monitering the boards

3. aNoUnCeR~This person is in charge of making sure every member recieves important news, such as the begining of a war or giveaway, a party soon coming, ect.

4. TeAcHeR~Teach either at the Guild.School or at the Foreign Language School. Requirements can be found by emailing me.

5. GrApHiCs EdItOr~Create and edit the graphics that we used for the website, front page, and more.

6. JoUrNaLiSt~Write articles for the guild newspaper (Not only guild news...right anything you want!)

7. InSuRaNcE aGeNt~The Insurance Agent files how many people have insurance, makes sure that everyone pays for it, ect.

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