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Snow Munchies III

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YAY, we have FORUMS!

+Guild News+

Woohoo! We now have forums! The guild Newspaper has officially been moved to the forum! Here is the direct link to the forums. If it is your first time there, click "Register" and all you have to do is make up and account name. It's that simple! When that's done, you have unlimited access to the boards: You can create polls, chat, anything you want! If you already have an account, then click the link below and find the "Newspaper" forum! This'll be fun!
Note: To read the newspaper, you do NOT have to register, however you will not be able to post :(



+Stories, Articles+

Our journalists NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER!! *cough* Umm...Lauren is typing up a fresh batch of articles as I type this, so we'll have some great articles to read soon!

Although the newspaper has been moved to the forums, some articles will still be showed here on the website. Check back for updates!

+Tea and Cookies+

 Hello! Welcome to Tea and Cookies...this spot is reserved for a new article that we will change weekly. It just talks about a different random thing each week. To get your FREE Tea and Cookies (virtual, for Neopets users only), neomail toshi_de_yoshi. Send in articles to!

~What's up this week?~

Awww....tea and cookies has been moved to the forum as well! (see information to the left.) We have changed Tea and Cookies to 'The German Coffeeshop." It is located in the lounge at the forums...check it out!

Note: You can view tea and cookies without registering to the forums, but you will not be able to post unless you do :(

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inland, where the ocean waves
cannot reach it.

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