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Oh yeah, guess who's #1 in membeship so far this year. That's right, Dagenhart, and it's gonna stay that way, because Dagenhart is #1, period. But enough of that, this is the official site for C.E. Dagenhart chapter, order of DeMolay. What is DeMolay you ask, well, just check out the link below and find out.

What is DeMolay?

Well there you go, that should explain everything. If you're already a member, I hope you'll be coming to the next meeting(6/5/05) and if not, please feel free to look around, heck, if you're a guy between the age of 12 and 21 and live in or around Bloomington/Normal(I.L.) maybe you would like to join, just contact us and we'll figure something out.



C.E. Dagenhart chapter, order of DeMolay