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What is DeMolay?
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DeMolay was started more than 75 years ago in Kansas City, Missouri. Today there are approximately 1000 chapters in the United States, as well as those chapters located in 7 foreign countries!

DeMolay Flag

DeMolay International is the largest fraternity of young men in the world. The fraternity is an association of young men thirteen to twenty-one years of age who are seeking to better themselves by learning leadership skills and practicing civic responsibility.

There have been more than a million young men who have been members of the DeMolay fraternity. Alumni members (over 21 years of age) of DeMolay include John Wayne, Dan Rather, Willard Scott and countless others who have gone on to some form of greatness. DeMolay's alumni include United States Senators. State Governors, U.S. Astronauts, Professional Athletes, Chairmen of Major U.S. corporations, and U.S. President Clinton.

DeMolay is dedicated to providing a fraternal environment (i.e. acceptance) in an organization on for young men who govern directly their own activities under the "advisorship"of adults, organization develops leadership skills and character-building in the young men who work within the fraternity. It helps members develop civic awareness and responsibility.

DeMolay provides young men the opportunity to practice leadership techniques and the real world application of the same through its chapter (laboratory) settings .

The organization assists young men in growing into responsible adults with good moral character, and provides them with a place to go, have fun, companionship, be accepted by peers, and develop social skills.

C.E. Dagenhart chapter, order of DeMolay